Monday – closed

Tuesday – Breakfast 6am – 1pm  .   Lunch 11pm – 1:30pm | no dinner

Wednesday – Breakfast 6am – 1pm  .   Lunch 11pm – 4pm  .   Dinner 4pm – 8:45pm

Thursday – Breakfast 6am – 1pm  .   Lunch 11pm – 4pm  .  Dinner 4pm – 8:45pm

Friday – Breakfast 6am – 1pm  .   Lunch 11pm – 4pm  .  Dinner 4pm – 9:45pm

Saturday – Breakfast 6am – 1pm  .   Lunch 11pm – 4pm  .  Dinner 4pm – 8:45pm

Sunday – Breakfast 7am – 1pm  .  Dinner 1pm – 8:45pm



Family Ties Restaurant was established in 2002 at a former location along Main road in Tiverton. Situated in front of the historic Grand-Central Market, Family Ties Restaurant started out with mostly real family members working the dining room and kitchen. Dave Ferreira, the owner, spent every day at the restaurant, a tradition he still keeps today.

Since that time we have moved to a much larger facility to suit the demands of our growing customer base. We really have formed a family over the years here at “Ties”, and we appreciate each and every one of its members.

Our goal is to deliver a quality meal for an affordable price. We have many daily and weekly specials so be sure to browse the site for upcoming menu items or events.


Here are the answers to some popular questions…

Q: Is your facility handicap accessible?
A: yes, we have 100% accessibility to our dining area and restrooms.

Q: Do you have drought beer, cocktails, and specialty drinks?
A: yes, we do. Please ask your server for a menu or todays specials.